Sandtiger Media is a multi-disciplinary proactive graphic design consultancy.

We believe good design is more than just 'making it look pretty'. It is important to make sure that, whether the requirements are online, print or digital, the key messages are clearly communicated in a manner that speaks to the target audience.

Sandtiger works with our clients from the ground up on projects to ensure that the correct, concise message is delivered and that it isn't lost due to over complicated content or an excess of style over substance.

We produce a wide range of design material for our clients from Corporate Identities to Videos. This enables us to create joined-up visual and marketing identities that firmly establish their presence in their respective marketplaces.

Whilst we have a lot of talent in-house we do use specialists when required. On the website side of our business, Sandtiger works closely with our long-term trusted developers to produce fully responsive sites with whatever level of content management a client needs. Our programmers can also develop custom back-end solutions for data handling when the brief requires it.

Whilst we are based in Kent, our clients are countrywide. Sandtiger also has an office in Bristol where our motion graphics are produced.